7 Ways a Good Teacher Can Add to Your Learning Experience

In today’s fast-paced world, learning doesn’t stop once you graduate. Continuous learning is a vital part of personal and professional growth, especially for adults. And with the rise of eLearning platforms, obtaining knowledge has never been easier. For employed adult learners, eLearning presents a range of benefits. It offers flexibility, allowing learners to study around work schedules. It cuts down commuting time to traditional educational institutions and often provides tailored content that can be replayed as many times as needed. 

But even in this digital age, the value of a skilled teacher cannot be understated. An impactful teacher can magnify the benefits of eLearning, ensuring adults not only learn but also understand and apply their newfound knowledge effectively.

1. Real-World Application

Now, consider an individual pursuing an MBA in Finance. The world of finance is vast and intricate, from corporate finance to investment banking and everything in between. However, adult learners are often seeking immediate relevance. They need to know how today’s lesson fits into the bigger picture of their career or personal aspirations. A skilled teacher ensures that lessons aren’t just theoretical. For instance, when discussing the concept of capital budgeting, a teacher might use a real-world case study of a major corporation’s decision-making process. 

By aligning classroom content with real-world situations, the learning becomes grounded, and adult learners can immediately see the value and applicability of what they’re studying. Especially in online programs, like online MBA in finance, real-world case studies and scenarios are utilized a lot to augment student’s learning experience. 

2. Personalization of Learning

Every student is unique, more so with adults who come from diverse backgrounds and have varied life and work experiences. Let’s consider an adult learner embarking on an MBA in Entrepreneurship. They might have already started a small business or played a key role in a startup. A skilled teacher understands this background and can personalize content, drawing parallels between theoretical lessons and the student’s real-life experiences. This contextual learning makes the subject matter resonate more, turning abstract concepts into tangible understanding. Nonetheless, it isn’t only about tweaking lesson plans. It’s about recognizing where each student comes from and bridging the gap between knowledge and application. In this context, teaching assistant jobs can play a crucial role in providing personalized attention to each student.

3. Offering Constructive Feedback

Feedback is the cornerstone of improvement. For an adult taking an online MBA in Supply Chain Management (SCM), understanding the intricacies of global logistics and inventory management can be daunting. Here, a teacher’s role transcends beyond just imparting knowledge. They become mentors, guiding students through complex projects, offering insights, and pointing out areas of improvement. Imagine a project where a student has to design a supply chain strategy for a new product launch. A competent teacher doesn’t just grade the project but provides constructive feedback – pointing out potential bottlenecks in the proposed strategy or suggesting alternative methods that might be more efficient. 

For adult learners, this feedback is invaluable. It’s a learning tool in itself, enabling them to identify strengths and areas that need further refinement.

4. Encouraging Peer Interaction

Learning is not limited to absorbing information from a textbook or lecture. It’s also about sharing experiences, discussing ideas, and learning from peers. In the realm of an MBA in Business Analytics, for instance, students often come across vast amounts of data and different methods to analyze it. A teacher who fosters a collaborative classroom environment encourages students to share their approaches, insights, and results. This peer interaction helps learners see problems from multiple angles. For example, when analyzing market trends, one student might find a pattern using a particular tool, while another might provide a different interpretation using another method. Through discussions and group activities, they learn from each other, gaining a broader and deeper understanding of the subject.

5. Cultivating Critical Thinking

In the digital age, with a constant influx of information, the ability to think critically has become essential. An online MBA in Cybersecurity, for example, isn’t only about understanding the tools and techniques to safeguard digital assets. It’s also about predicting potential threats, assessing risks, and strategizing effectively. A skilled teacher doesn’t only provide answers; they provoke questions. They might present students with a hypothetical security breach scenario and ask them to assess its implications or delve into the ethics of certain cybersecurity measures. This method pushes students to think, analyze, and evaluate, honing their critical thinking skills, which are invaluable in the real world, especially in fields that require constant vigilance and adaptation.

6. Flexibility and Adaptability

Adult learners often juggle multiple responsibilities, from work commitments to family duties. Therefore, rigid learning schedules or inflexible course structures can be discouraging. A student pursuing an online MBA in Human Resource Management (HRM) might be a working professional, possibly even an HR executive. They might need to travel for work, attend late-night meetings, or deal with unexpected professional challenges. An impactful teacher recognizes these challenges and offers flexibility, and this could mean recording lectures so students can view them at their convenience, providing extended deadlines when necessary, or offering one-on-one sessions to cover missed content. By being adaptable, teachers ensure that adult learners don’t miss out on their education due to other commitments.

7. Instilling Lifelong Learning Values

The best teachers don’t only impart knowledge; they ignite a passion for learning. And in today’s ever-evolving world, the pursuit of knowledge is never-ending. Whether it’s the latest trends in HRM or advances in cybersecurity tools, there’s always something new to learn. Skilled teachers inspire curiosity. They encourage students to read widely, attend seminars, or engage in discussions beyond the classroom. They set an example, showcasing their commitment to learning and self-improvement. For adult learners, this instills a value that goes beyond their current course or MBA – the value of being a lifelong learner, always curious and always ready to grow.


Learning as an adult brings its unique set of challenges and advantages. With the world at our fingertips, there’s a wealth of knowledge waiting to be discovered. Yet, the role of a teacher remains irreplaceable. Through personalization, real-world application, feedback, collaboration, critical thinking, flexibility, and the inspiration to keep learning, supportive teachers enhance our educational journey manifold. In the age of eLearning and digital courses, let’s not forget the human touch that turns information into understanding and knowledge into wisdom.