8 Majors That’ll Help You Land An Exciting Job

Deciding on a college major with the prospect of landing an exciting job can be challenging. The market continues to evolve rapidly because of technological advancements, and hence the requirements for what constitutes an exciting role at any company change accordingly. For instance, over the past few years, cybersecurity, data analytics, and AI have been some of the fields for which organizations are paying well. The growth prospects for these jobs are amazing as well. 

Although the best choice for a college major is in the subject that interests you the most, landing an exciting job means picking a field that is high in demand. Some roles, like healthcare practitioners, engineers, and financial experts, are and will always be in demand. However, for someone who is starting their college education, the task is to predict which major will hold the greatest worth 4 to 5 years in the future. 

While that is a different discussion altogether, here are some of majors that are in demand in 2023 and will stay so for a few years:

Human Resources

One of the most exciting majors that have been around since markets became extensively competitive is human resources. People may talk about various other fields, but the individuals responsible for hiring, retaining, promoting, and offering in-house development opportunities to professionals of the future are undoubtedly the people whose job is the most exciting in every sense of the word. Nowadays, it is extremely convenient and simple to get an MBA in Human Resource Management online, as a wide variety of institutions offer the opportunity to earn these degrees remotely. The jobs in human resource management are imperative to every organization, whether small or large, and majors in this field will remain evergreen both in terms of pay and growth for the foreseeable future. 

Financial technology

Cryptocurrencies have been all the rave for the past few years. And despite what experts say about the volatility of these currencies as investment instruments, they have sparked a transformation in the traditional finance industry. Technologies like Blockchain, which is the underlying framework that powers cryptocurrencies, are being experimented with as a transactional medium by various financial institutions. Moreover, financial technology, or FinTech, as it is commonly known, encompasses a diverse array of other roles as well like financial analysis and planning. Many universities are now offering specializations in FinTech, and if you have a particular interest in the field, this can be an exciting major for you. 


With the world going completely digital, cybercrime has become a common route for criminals to steal money through various tactics. In 2022, $10.2 billion were lost to cybercrime in the US alone, which is a number considerably higher than the $6.9 billion lost in 2021. In light of these troubling developments, companies worldwide have actively recruited cybersecurity professionals to boost their defense mechanisms against pertinent digital threats. Gauging market demand, universities around the world offer cybersecurity as a field of study for individuals looking to pursue this as their career of choice. 

Data sciences

Of all the currencies that exist today, data has become the most valuable. Organizations around the world are willing to pay top dollar for relevant data that can help them make more precise decisions concerning every aspect of their business, including but not limited to customer acquisition, optimization of resource allocation, streamlining supply chain management, and much more. However, raw data holds little value unless it is processed and presented in a usable manner. Since the markets continue to become extremely competitive, data science experts are becoming sought-after professionals since they can help companies make sense of the data caches available to them. 

Automation and AI

Robotics, machine learning, automation, and AI have been rapidly progressing fields over the past many years, thanks to technological advancements. With the recent launch of Chat GPT and the plans that many leading companies have revealed with respect to AI, it is clear that this field is here to stay. Naturally, a majors in any of the fields that are relevant to automation and AI offer amazing prospects. Almost every company in any industry imaginable will integrate AI into their operations, meaning that getting a major in this field is bound to remain in demand for years to come. 

Aerospace engineering

The quest for life beyond Earth continues in full swing, as does investment in the aerospace industry. However, the aerospace industry facilitates many other sectors currently operating on the planet, like automotive, aviation, and high-speed travel, to name a few. The budgets allocated for aerospace projects have increased rapidly and so have the jobs in the sector too. Over the next few years, jobs in the field of aerospace engineering are expected to grow by 9%, which makes it an exciting major to pick in college. 

Financial management and accounting

Any business, whether large, medium, or small, needs financial management and accounting services. Even individuals around the world require wealth management services no matter what their net worth may be. Accounting is an evergreen major that can lead to a wide variety of roles like financial analyst and auditor, which are expected to grow by roughly 7% over the next ten years. Accounting and finance majors will never have trouble finding a job because these skills will remain in demand due to the need for businesses to manage their cash flows. 

Software engineering

Technology is revolutionizing industries around the world. From aerospace engineering to data sciences, from AI to financial management, almost every major field discussed above has a need for software in some shape or form. Software engineers are the brains behind designing, creating, and launching platforms that power the ability of businesses to incorporate the latest tools, techniques, and technologies into their operative cycles. Software developers and engineers are poised to witness their field grow by 21% over the next few years. Pursuing a major in this field can put you on the track to finding a high-paying and rapidly progressing job. 


Selecting a major in college can be a daunting task, especially when you are considering a field where the prospects are amazing. It is great if your interest and passion lie in one of these fields, but even if it doesn’t, that won’t mean that you cannot make a decent living with what you do. However, if you want an exciting career that can help you make the big bucks, any of the majors listed above can easily get you there.