Living With Roommates in College | Pros and Cons of Shared Accommodation

Many students detest the idea of sharing a room in college with a stranger. Living with someone may be particularly frightening for international students as they tend to have different values and interests. However, evidence shows that while a few challenges are associated with having a roommate, the experience is mainly beneficial. Here is what you need to know before living with a roommate. 

Pros of Living With Roommates 

Heading to college comes with a lot of challenges. There are new academic demands and financial and social difficulties to deal with. Evidence shows that sharing a living space with a roommate helps relieve some of the pressure and makes work easier. Here are some notable benefits of living with someone in college: 

Opportunity to Socialize and Make Friends 

Most first-year college students struggle with homesickness, which diminishes their quality of life and campus experiences. Experts suggest social networking as a remedy for homesickness. Having friends you can turn to also helps with mental health and resilience. 

Unfortunately, making friends in college isn’t always easy. Consider living with a roommate to blend in and make new friends easily. One of the best things about living with someone is that you can interact with the possibility of being a friend. 

If life on campus gets lonely, your roommate can make your living space less quiet and isolating. Over time, you can become good friends and even form a part of each other’s social network. You can also get tips on where to find the best essay service online. 

Considerable Savings 

Sharing a room with someone also allows you to make considerable savings. In other words, having a roommate tends to be more affordable than having the space to yourself. Other than splitting the rent, you can also share additional living costs with your roommate. You can shop for essentials together in bulk and even split your food budget. Instead of struggling with bills and rent on your own, shared housing is a great way to lower the cost of college living. Furthermore, since your financial muscle will be merged, you will have a greater capacity to get more spacious accommodation. By having a shared accommodation, you can save a decent amount of money which you can spend on traveling, clothes or simply pay for essay online and get rid of some complicated writing assignments. In essayusa review you can find all the details about ordering essays and other papers.

Possibility for Healthy Lifestyle Change 

A roommate can have a positive influence on your lifestyle habits. According to research, students with roommates are more likely to eat healthy food and exercise. Remember, staying fit is crucial for your mental and physical health. So, if you find it hard to find the motivation to exercise, consider getting a roommate who values physical activity. After all, staying fit is easier if you have a workout buddy. 

Cons of Living With a Roommate 

While many benefits college students enjoy when they live with roommates, some challenges exist. However, it may take some time before the cons of sharing your living space start to become apparent. Here are some commonly reported problems:

Living With Different Personalities 

Some people are just hard to get along with. When sharing your space, you may have to cope with someone with whom you share very little in common. You may have to deal with differences in sleeping schedules, noise levels, and diminished privacy. 

Badly Behaved Roommates 

Another possible challenge you may encounter in shared accommodation relates to disparities in behavior. Students may discover negative experiences because they don’t agree with some behaviors of their roommates. Even if the individual you intend to live with is your friend, you can never predict how they will behave midway through the semester. You may encounter fights over facilities or behavioral inconveniences. 

Reduced Privacy 

For those who prefer their own spaces and the independence that comes with living alone, having a roommate can be a bother. Shared living may not be ideal if you don’t want to meet people and detest intrusion into your privacy. In addition, when living in a shared living space, you will have to interact with others and may be interrupted occasionally. 

How to Live Smoothly With Roommates 

Living with a roommate demands patience and understanding. Make sure you set up boundaries and define roles from the onset. Also, split the cost of everyday living expenses like cleaning supplies and shop for necessities together. 

There is no magical formula for sharing accommodation in college. Consider these pros and cons before moving in into shared living spaces. Create a chart that defines roles like cleaning days and cooking roster to prevent conflict regarding chores. Remember, communication is critical for the success of any living arrangement. There is a need for mutual respect between the roommates.