What language do Estonians speak?

The official language of Estonia is Estonian. It is a Finno-Ugric language that is spoken by about 1.1 million people. Estonian is also spoken as a second language by about 60,000 people in Estonia.

What’s the Estonian language like?

Estonian is a unique language and is considered a difficult language to learn for English speakers.

The Estonian alphabet has 21 letters and is based on the Latin alphabet.

Estonian grammar is similar to Finnish grammar, but it also has many Germanic influences.

There are two main dialects of Estonian: the northern and southern dialects.

The northern dialect is closer to Finnish, while the southern dialect is more influenced by Germanic languages.

Estonian vocabulary also has many loanwords from German, Russian, and Swedish.

Are any other languages spoken in Estonia?

Yes, other languages are spoken in Estonia. The most common ones are Russian and English. About a quarter of the population speaks Russian as their first language, while just under a third of the population speaks English as their first or second language. There are also smaller minorities who speak German, Swedish, Finnish, and various other languages.

Is Estonian related to any other language?

The language is related (although distantly) to Finnish and Hungarian, and has been influenced by German, Russian, and Swedish.