What language does Lady Rainicorn speak?

Lady Rainicorn is a magical creature in the award-winning animated TV show, Adventure Time. She speaks a language called “Rainicornian,” which is a mixture of Korean and English. Lady Rainicorn can also understand and speak fluent English, but she usually communicates using her own language. The characters in the show use subtitles to help.

How close to Korean is Rainicornian?

The show’s creator, Pendleton Ward, has said that Rainicornian is simply Korean-sounding gibberish. Rainicornian appears to have some of the same sentence structure as Korean, but without any real meaning. The show’s writers sometimes use actual Korean words in Lady Rainicorn’s dialogue, and they also draw on cultural references from Korea to make her lines more interesting.

What does the Rainicornian language sound like?

The language is mainly made up of nonsense words that are designed to sound like a foreign language. They are often combined with Korean words and grammar, as well as English words and phrases. Rainicornian has a unique singsong quality to it that helps give the show its distinctive style. The language is highly expressive, with Lady Rainicorn using it to express everything from joy to anger.

Do we know anything about Rainicornian language grammar?

The grammar of Rainicornian is largely unknown, as the show’s writers have never provided a detailed description. However, there are certain patterns that can be observed in Lady Rainicorn’s dialogue. For example, it appears that she often combines two nouns to make one word, such as “rainibow” for rainbow or “candycorn” for candy corn. She also often uses the Korean honorific, “oppa,” when addressing her friends and family.

Is the Rainicornian language written down at all?

The Rainicornian language does not appear to be written down anywhere, as it is mostly a spoken language. However, the show’s writers have said that they sometimes use Korean words in Lady Rainicorn’s dialogue, so it is possible that some of her lines are based on actual Korean words or grammar rules.

What are some common Rainicornian phrases?

Some of the most commonly used phrases in Rainicornian are “moshi moshi,” meaning “hello,” and “oppa gangnam style,” which is an expression of excitement. Other popular phrases include “kawaii desu” for something cute, “doo-duh-doo-duh” for being silly, and “sarang hae” for I love you. Lady Rainicorn also often ends her sentences with “-eeheehee,” which is a sound of joy or surprise.


Overall, Rainicornian is a fun way to add some extra character and flavor to Lady Rainicorn’s dialogue. It’s unique and creative, but it doesn’t really have any direct connection to the Korean language. So while she may sound like she speaks Korean in the show, Lady Rainicorn actually speaks her own made-up language. Nevertheless, it does a great job of adding to the show’s comedic elements and providing an interesting twist on the characters’ conversations.