What language does Priyanka Chopra speak?

As a talented and accomplished actress known for her diverse range of characters and projects, Priyanka Chopra has earned international acclaim. Among the many skills that make her a standout performer is her ability to speak multiple languages. Let’s explore the linguistic prowess of Priyanka Chopra and the languages she speaks fluently.

Bilingual Upbringing: Hindi and English

Born on July 18, 1982, in Jamshedpur, India, Priyanka Chopra grew up in a bilingual household. Her parents, who were physicians in the Indian Army, primarily spoke Hindi and English. As a result, Priyanka became fluent in both languages at a young age. Hindi, being the official language of India, is used commonly throughout the nation, while English serves as a subsidiary official language.

Learning Punjabi for the Role

In addition to Hindi and English, Priyanka Chopra learned Punjabi for her role in the film, “Anjaana Anjaani.” For those unfamiliar, Punjabi is a widely spoken language in the state of Punjab, India, as well as in Punjab, Pakistan. This language proficiency demonstrates her commitment to authentically portraying the various characters she takes on, further adding to her acting abilities.

Exploring Marathi Cinema

Marathi is another Indian language that Priyanka has dabbled in, thanks to her career in the film industry. In 2016, she ventured into Marathi cinema by producing the film “Ventilator.” Though she didn’t act in the film herself, her interest in Marathi cinema demonstrates her openness to exploring various cultural aspects of the Indian film industry and engaging with diverse languages.

Global Icon: A Grasp on Other Languages

As an internationally recognized celebrity, Priyanka Chopra also has a basic understanding of a few other languages, such as French and German, which she acquired during her schooling years. However, her fluency remains strongest in her native languages, Hindi and English.

In conclusion, Priyanka Chopra’s linguistic talents extend beyond her native Hindi and English. With expertise in Punjabi and an interest in other languages like Marathi, French, and German, she showcases her versatility and dedication to representing different cultures in both Indian and international cinema.