5 ways to improve your classroom presence as a student

A teacher with a strong presence not only creates a dynamic impression on the students but on the learning environment as well which is crucial when it comes to engaging their attention during the course of a lesson.

For an individual to cultivate classroom confidence, academic qualifications alone are not enough. You may become a teacher by studying a master’s degree online but what is important is how effectively you can convey the subject matter to your pupils.Here are five ways on how to go about it.

Body language counts a lot

The nonverbal cues which the teacher’s body language sends will ultimately show how effective or detractive their presence is in the classroom.Gestures,mimics and body language in general has a great impact on how your students will comprehend you.

Standing tall and maintaining constant eyeball contact and using controlled gestures can project security and interest. Avoid turning the back and crossing the arms so as to express enthusiasm in the class. Hands play a pivotal role here,so never hide them behind your back.

Be approachable

Cultivate a sense of approachability in order to impart a feeling of ease which will encourage the students to be more proactive during the course of the lesson.

A great way to begin is by memorising every students name so as to foster interest in the progress of their studies. Encourage students to ask questions openly and give them opportunities for discussions during class hours.

Control without dominating

While maintaining a sense of control in the classroom is critical,at the same time it is equally important to give students an opportunity to express their feelings.

At the start of a new semester,tell them clearly what you are expecting from them with regards to classroom behaviour and study work and enforce these expectations with complete fairness and respect.

Your voice

If you yell at the students to pay attention and maintain silence meaninglessly,you know that it will never work and you will only loose face as their teacher. Instead,use your voice to good effect when giving instructions, especially in a falling tone which students are more likely to pay attention to.

Use statements and not questions if you want your pupils to complete a task. In other words,you need to be authorative without being commanding.Speak in as a low pitch as possible and you will soon find out how quick your students get endeared to you.

Keep student interst in mind

Eyerbody has some thing or the other  which is of particular interest to them.Use this method in the classroom as well to get the students give activelly involved.For example play a vocabulary revision game using a smartphone.

You can also engage the students in a debate or discussion integrating online platforms and tools.This will keep them updated with technological development and spark a natural interest in their classroom work.